Senior Manager, IT Data Centre & Server

Location: Head Office

Position: Senior Manager, IT Data Center & Server

Deadline: December 31, 2022

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Server Resource Management
    • Setup (Operating system and application) to fill up business requirement
    • IP Addressing, ensure all server IP address are recorded into the system
    • Licensing, ensure all license both OS and application which installed on server are properly managed and recorded
    • Design and update server architecture both logical and physical to meet the standard
    • Install and configuring High Availability services such as :Clustering and Load balancing
    • Administration on Virtualization (Hyper-V, VMWare admin)
    • Hyper Converge Infrastructure (HCI), Properly understanding of HCI in order to propose and implement for organization
    • Performance and services, Install and configure monitoring tools to track the performance and services of each server
    • Prepare and forecast for hardware growth for organization
    • Vendor management, working closely and ensure all reliable vendors are contact and supportable
    • Develop and update procedures and guidelines related to Server deployment
    • Log/issue, first level analysis of log and issue on server and provide an effective solution
    • Involve in the implementation of IT security framework
  • Backup and Recovery Management
    • Well understanding of backup solution and architecture
    • Ensure backup profiles (both file server and core banking database) are running as schedule such as EOD, SOD, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly
    • Ensure all data are backup and restorable by conduct the quarterly restore test
    • Fully support any issue or incident occur of backup and restore
    • Well manage data backup in difference location both online and offline (Tape)
    • Ensure all tapes are properly delivered to the right and safe location
    • Define backup and recovery procedure and guideline
    • Log/issue of backup and recovery are fully analyzed with effective solution and recorded
  • Data Centre (DC/DR) Management
    • Well understand of datacenter standard
    • Power and generator, ensure power sources are redundant with properly test and monitor
    • UPS, design a redundant UPS architecture and ensure consumption/load are balance on each UPS to retain the services available during electricity cut off, conduct the quarterly test to ensure UPS are alive
    • Rack, properly install and manage rack space
    • Standard cabling in datacenter
    • Ensure cooling systems are up and running (active-passive), conduct the quarterly test
    • Ensure FM200 is function by conduct the properly tested
    • Notification and detector, ensure all notifications are send out during the incident happen in datacentre
    • Avaya phone system, Install and configure Avaya phone system to support business need.
  • Daily check of datacentre for DC and weekly check of datacentre for DR
  • Clearly understand and working with vendor to get deeply understand of data center and server
  • New data center, server and application architecture at follow the infrastructure diagram.
  • Logical and physical application security implementation at is met the business requirement
  • Propose or recommend purchasing server/storage, data center equipment hardware to support business requirement.
  • Perform DR activation drill at least once times per year
  • Resolve issue related to data center, server/storage, application in timeline manner include preventative plan
  • New project that assign by line manager
  • Weekly and monthly update status of project
  • Daily task and system health check
  • Self-motivate and tech research to improvement themselves as well as organization
  • Enchantment of hard and soft skill align with IT technology’s roadmap
  • Builds strong relationships with internal team, the cross function, end user and supplier
  • Be polite communication between staff and other peoples surrounding
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly report and company direction
  • Liaises with
    • Related department and Branch
    • Internal and external auditors


Requirement Competencies

  • At least Bachelor degree or equivalent on Computer Science or Information Technology;
  • At least 4 years’ experience of server and system administrator experience;
  • Experienced in Microfinance or Banking sector is preferred;
  • Experienced in Data Center Management and Operation with multiple sites are preferred;
  • Experience in team management or supervisor of IT data centre operation and server;
  • Experienced in hardware of server and storage with IBM, HPE, Cisco, NetApp are preferred;
  • Experienced in Virtualization technology especially VMware and Hyper-V;
  • Strong understanding of server structures Microsoft and Linux or Unix System is desirable;
  • Knowledge and understanding of Application & DBMS Administration;
  • Knowledge and experience in developing and implementing IT policies and procedures;
  • Knowledge of relevant infrastructure tools and technologies;
  • Knowledge and experience in developing and implementing IT policies and procedures;
  • Prior experience with a 24/7 technical operational environment is highly desire;
  • Should have 4 years’ experience in Data Center and Server administration. Experience is also critically preferred in the following areas:
    1. Network Topology and TCP/IP Configuration
    2. Strong understanding of server structures such as Windows Server, Active Directory, File Server, DHCP Server, Exchange Server, SQL, Call Center System, Office 365 and Other advance features;
    3. Experience and knowledge with Linux or Unix System is desirable;
    4. Knowledge and understanding of DBMS technology of MS. SQL and Oracle include database replication (Mirroring, Clustering with always-on or RAC)
    5. Experienced in Virtualization technology especially VMware HA, DRS, FT, SRM, VSAN and NSX are preferred;
    6. Active-Active Data center solutions with storage and new hyper-converge technology
  • Knowledge and ability to manage energy and power to ensure continuous and efficient operations
  • Knowledge and ability to manage Data Centre operations as well as align to appropriate standards
  • Prior experience with a 24/7 technical operational environment is highly desired
  • At least 3 years’ experiences in managing IT Data Centre and Server services
  • Strong good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong verbal and interpersonal skill
  • Skill on building good relationship with vendor.

Benefit Packages

We offer competitive remuneration package and opportunity for career and personal development.

How to Apply

Phone: 089 333 767

Head Office Address: Building #398, Preah Monivong Blvd, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I, Boeung Keng Kang , Phnom Penh.