Senior Manager, IT Data Centre & Server

Location: Head Office

Position: Senior Manager, IT Data Center & Server

Deadline: March 31, 2023

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Server Resource Management
    • Setup (Operating system and application) to fill up business requirement
    • IP Addressing, ensure all server IP address are recorded into the system
    • Licensing, ensure all license both OS and application which installed on server are properly managed and recorded
    • Design and update server architecture both logical and physical to meet the standard
    • Install and configuring High Availability services such as :Clustering and Load balancing
    • Administration on Virtualization (Hyper-V, VMWare admin)
    • Hyper Converge Infrastructure (HCI), Properly understanding of HCI in order to propose and implement for organization
    • Performance and services, Install and configure monitoring tools to track the performance and services of each server
    • Prepare and forecast for hardware growth for organization
    • Vendor management, working closely and ensure all reliable vendors are contact and supportable
    • Develop and update procedures and guidelines related to Server deployment
    • Log/issue, first level analysis of log and issue on server and provide an effective solution
    • Involve in the implementation of IT security framework
  • Backup and Recovery Management
    • Well understanding of backup solution and architecture
    • Ensure backup profiles (both file server and core banking database) are running as schedule such as EOD, SOD, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly
    • Ensure all data are backup and restorable by conduct the quarterly restore test
    • Fully support any issue or incident occur of backup and restore
    • Well manage data backup in difference location both online and offline (Tape)
    • Ensure all tapes are properly delivered to the right and safe location
    • Define backup and recovery procedure and guideline
    • Log/issue of backup and recovery are fully analyzed with effective solution and recorded
  • Data Centre (DC/DR) Management
    • Well understand of datacenter standard
    • Power and generator, ensure power sources are redundant with properly test and monitor
    • UPS, design a redundant UPS architecture and ensure consumption/load are balance on each UPS to retain the services available during electricity cut off, conduct the quarterly test to ensure UPS are alive
    • Rack, properly install and manage rack space
    • Standard cabling in datacenter
    • Ensure cooling systems are up and running (active-passive), conduct the quarterly test
    • Ensure FM200 is function by conduct the properly tested
    • Notification and detector, ensure all notifications are send out during the incident happen in datacenter.
    • Avaya phone system, Install and configure Avaya phone system to support business need.
  • Daily check of datacenter for DC and weekly check of datacenter for DR.
  • Clearly understand and working with vendor to get deeply understand of data center and server.
  • New data center, server and application architecture at follow the infrastructure diagram.
  • Logical and physical application security implementation at is met the business requirement
  • Propose or recommend purchasing server/storage, data center equipment hardware to support business requirement.
  • Perform DR activation drill at least once times per year.
  • Resolve issue related to data center, server/storage, application in timeline manner include preventative plan.
  • New project that assign by line manager weekly and monthly update status of project.
  • Self-motivate and tech research to improvement themselves as well as organization.
  • Enchantment of hard and soft skill align with IT technology’s roadmap.
  • Builds strong relationships with internal team, the cross function, end user and supplier.
  • Be polite communication between staff and other peoples surrounding.
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly report and company direction.


Requirement Competencies

  • At least Bachelor degree or equivalent on Computer Science or Information Technology.
  • At least 4 years’ experience of server and system administrator experience.
  • Experienced in Microfinance or Banking sector is preferred.
  • Experienced in Data Center Management and Operation with multiple sites are preferred.
  • Experience in team management or supervisor of IT data center operation and server.
  • Experienced in hardware of server and storage with IBM, HPE, Cisco, NetApp are preferred.
  • Experienced in Virtualization technology especially VMware and Hyper-V.
  • Strong understanding of server structures Microsoft and Linux or Unix System is desirable.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Application & DBMS Administration.
  • Knowledge and experience in developing and implementing IT policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of relevant infrastructure tools and technologies.
  • Knowledge and experience in developing and implementing IT policies and procedures.
  • Prior experience with a 24/7 technical operational environment is highly desire.
  • Should have 4 years’ experience in Data Center and Server administration. Experience is also critically preferred in the following areas:
    1. Network Topology and TCP/IP Configuration.
    2. Strong understanding of server structures such as Windows Server, Active Directory, File Server, DHCP Server, Exchange Server, SQL, Call Center System, Office 365 and Other advance features.
    3. Experience and knowledge with Linux or Unix System is desirable.
    4. Knowledge and understanding of DBMS technology of MS. SQL and Oracle include database replication (Mirroring, Clustering with always-on or RAC).
    5. Experienced in Virtualization technology especially VMware HA, DRS, FT, SRM, VSAN and NSX are preferred.
    6. Active-Active Data center solutions with storage and new hyper-converge technology
  • Knowledge and ability to manage energy and power to ensure continuous and efficient operations.
  • Knowledge and ability to manage Data Centre operations as well as align to appropriate standards.
  • Prior experience with a 24/7 technical operational environment is highly desired.
  • At least 3 years’ experiences in managing IT Data Centre and Server services.
  • Strong good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong verbal and interpersonal skill.
  • Skill on building good relationship with vendor.

Benefit Packages

We offer competitive remuneration package and opportunity for career and personal development.

How to Apply

Phone: 087 666 870

Head Office Address: Building #398, Preah Monivong Blvd, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I,

Boeung Keng Kang , Phnom Penh.