Manager, IT System Administration & EA Support

Location: Head Office

Position: Manager, IT System Administration & EA Support

Deadline: February 29, 2024

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • To propose a standard and effective system architecture and configuration.
  • To propose redundant or HA of each services/application and ensure all are available 24/7.
  • To install and design services/application clustering to ensure services and other application are running with high-availability to avoid single point of failure from application.
  • To manage and solve every issue in under IT System Admin unit.
  • To maintain Database Synchronization and Replication.
  • DR Drill Activity
    • Provide support the DR Drill activity at least once a year by coordinating with DR Drill Committee and related stakeholders.
    • Creating DR Drill document & update to reflect existing system functions.
  • To Backup and Recovery Management
    • Well understanding of backup solution and architecture.
    • Ensure backup profiles are running as schedule such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
    • Ensure all data are backup and restorable by conduct the quarterly restore test.
    • Fully support any issue or incident occur of backup and restore.
    • Define backup and recovery procedure and guideline.
  • To clearly understand and working with vendor to get deeply understand of application and services.
  • To perform new platform, server and application architecture at follow the infrastructure diagram.
  • To propose or recommend purchasing software and licensing support business requirement.
  • To perform DR activation drill at least once times per year.
  • To improve system availability, stability and automate the manual work for IT administrative & management.
  • To enchantment of hard and soft skill align with IT technology’s roadmap.
  • To builds strong relationships with internal team, the cross function, end user and supplier.
  • To perform other tasks assigned by line manager.


Requirement Competencies

  • Holding a bachelor degree in Computer Science and/or equivalent degree.
  • A minimum hand-on technical at least 3 years related to professional career in system administration and enterprise application support.
  • Understanding the fundamental networking and load balancer topology.
  • Having knowledge-based regarding to application enterprise framework and its practical within financial sector.
  • Understanding Database replication configuration and its tools.
  • Demonstrate with skillset and experiences in people engagement and project executions.
  • Excellent in understanding the enterprise application framework.
  • Problem solving skill.
  • Strong good communication and interpersonal skills.

Benefit Packages

We offer competitive remuneration package and opportunity for career and personal development.

How to Apply

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Boeung Keng Kang , Phnom Penh.

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