Senior Officer, Creative Services (Designer)

ទីតាំង: Head Office

មុខតំណែង: Senior Officer, Creative Services (Designer)

ផុតកំណត់: ខែ​តុលា 31, 2022

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កាតព្វកិច្ច និងទំនួលខុសត្រូវ

  • Weekly, monthly and yearly Plan on creative design and concept to promote branding and products/services on social media and digital channels of WBC.
  • Event planning to promote Branding, products/services, and support design materials for Event.
  • Develop Office branding guideline manual.
  • Branch Branding Monitoring Plan.
  • Develop attractive artworks for product promotion or WBC corporate branding materials.
  • Develop artworks to promote marketing and branding campaigns.
  • Digital artworks for Website.
  • UX/UI design support for Mobile App.
  • Create concept for shooting new image for company advertisement. Manage and store photos and video properly.
  • Focus on the creative digital marketing materials through video or images.
  • Branch Branding control, Design and mock up for new office, Design Office Façade Banner, and internal branch branding.
  • Weekly and Monthly report to line manager and update Schedule of design.
  • Estimate the time required to complete the work and specify the nature and quality of material required for bidding.
  • Monitoring printing quality and production with supplier.
  • Follow up with supplier for on time product.
  • Training outside (Update video editor skill, Video Short….).
  • Coordinate marketing/branding projects.
  • Monitor branding compliance.
  • Join committee with BD for support design new project and update current digital product.
  • Improve for job announcement.
  • Design for Support HR for Recruitment announcement.
  • Support for career fair and event with career.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor.

Requirement Competencies

  • Bachelor degree in design, creative arts, communications, advertising and media or related fields.
  • At least 2 years’ experience in creative design, creative art, communications or related works.
  • Ability to use various design tools including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe after Effect, Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas ect.
  • kills in graphic design, videography, photography and copywriting.
  • Be creative in design and content.
  • Experienced in digital marketing.
  • Good knowledge in branding, design and technology,
  • Proficient in Microsoft office applications.

Benefit Packages

We offer competitive remuneration package and opportunity for career and personal development.



Phone: 087 666 870

Head Office Address: Building #398, Preah Monivong Blvd, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I, Boeung Keng Kang , Phnom Penh.