Special Offer for Woori Bank Merchants!


Open a merchant account with Woori Bank, get a high-interest rate up to 3.5% per year, and get a monthly bonus of up to $ 100 !!!

New promotion! More excited for Woori Bank merchant!!! Receive a bonus from Woori Bank up to $ 100 monthly with easy conditions!!!

No need to wait for your fortune! Just having more transactions will earn more rewards by simply introducing customers to scan payments with Woori Bank KHQR for your business operations.



Transactions / month Cash prize​​s / month 
  • 40-99 transactions
30 USD
  •  100-  200 Transactions
60 USD
  • More than 200 transactions
100 USD

Note: The above cash prize table is valid from January 1, 2023 to February 28, 2023 only. The cash prize table for the following month will be confirmed at next time.


  1. For individual customers who are merchants of Woori Bank (both existing and new merchants).
  2. Must have at least 40 transactions per month with a minimum amount of $ 2 per transaction, which receives payment scans from banks through Woori Bank’s KHQR.
  3. Excludes transactions with less than $ 2 per transaction.
  4. All payment scans from the same account or from the same account name with more than one transaction per day will only include one transaction.
  5. Each month’s cash prize will be credited to the merchant’s account within 10 business days after the end of each month.
  6. The names of the merchants who receive an incentive of $ 100 per month will be selected to take photo for posting on Woori Bank’s official social media.
  7. Woori Bank reserves the right to change the condition or terminate the promotion without prior notice.

For more info: 023 963 333 / 081 331 333