Inter-Branch Money Transfer

Inter-branch Money Transfer allows customers in one location to transfer or receive money in the same or different location within Woori bank based on their intended purpose.

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Inter-Bank Money Transfer

Operate​ fund transfer services between financial institutions (banks and MDIs) in order to make it easy and convenience for customers in transferring their money.

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International Remittance

Fast, Easy, Reasonable Fee, High Security

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Standing Order

Standing Order Service is financial service that allow customers to schedule fund transfers to their families, business partners or payment partners weekly, monthly, quarterly or specific​ time & amount of money for transfer schedule according to customer’s needs.

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Real-Time Fund Transfer

Woori Bank Customers can enjoy additional fund transfer service with convenience and between either account to account or account to ​the phone number.

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Woori Bank is one of the Bakong members. Woori Bank has integrated Bakong in Woori Bank Mobile Cambodia, which customers are able to access their Bakong Account in Woori Bank Mobile Cambodia easily.

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