Key Benefits

  • Bakong Account Registration on WOORI WON Cambodia
  • Fund transfer from Woori Bank Hope Saving account to Bakong member’s current/saving account or receive fund from Bakong member via WOORI WON Cambodia with free of charge until 31 December 2022
  • Deposit fund to Bakong members
  • Make payment via QR
  • Create New Recovery QR Code
  • Bakong Account Restore Access on WOORI WON Cambodia
  • View account balance & transaction history of Bakong on WOORI WON Cambodia
  • View Bakong account information on WOORI WON Cambodia


  • Registration is made through NBC’s Bakong App (Generic App). Customer shall perform self-registration by choosing Woori WON Cambodia in the bank list. Customers are able to restore access to Bakong on Woori WON Cambodia please go to this link​ for more information .for how to do it.

  • The registration can also be made through Woori Bank Mobile Banking, Woori WON Cambodia. Please click for how to register.


Customers are required to have Hope Saving Account with Woori Bank.



Maximum Amount Transfer

Through Woori WON Cambodia:

  1. Transfer funds transaction between Bakong wallet and Bakong wallet can transfer up to 40,000,000 Riels or 10,000 USD per day.
  2. Transfer funds transaction between Woori Bank account and Bakong member’s Bank account can transfer up to 200,000,000 Riels or 50,000 USD per day
  • Terms & Conditions applied.
  • Woori Bank reserves the right to change all fee and other conditions from time to time without prior notice.