Watch your money works for you with us

Key Benefits

  • Generate additional income through interest rate
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly, paid annually or on maturity date
  • The longer you invest, the higher interest rate you get
  • Various options for deposit term from 1 month to 36 months
  • Reach your financial goal
  • High safety for your cash
  • Fast and convenience customer service


For Individual

  • A legal person, both Cambodian and Foreigner
  • Identification Documents such as ID Card, Passport and/or other documents

For Corporate or Financial Institution

  • An entity that is legally registered under the Cambodian’s laws and regulations
  • Business Registration Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association, and/or Letter of Authorization or Board Resolution as well as other documents (if available)


  • KHR, USD and THB


Minimum Initial Deposit
  • KHR 100,000 or USD 25 or THB 1,000


Interest Payment
  • Monthly Interest Withdrawal
  • Annually Interest Withdrawal
  • Maturity Interest Withdrawal


Certificate of Deposit
  • Free of charge


Withdrawal condition
  • At the maturity date or upon account closure
  • Partial withdrawal is not allowed


Annual Interest Rate*
  • (attach below)


  • Other terms and conditions applied
  • Woori Bank reserves its full rights to refine interest rates and other conditions without prior notice
  • Thai Baht currency is available in all branches office in Battambang, Banteay Meanchey, Pailin province and Head Office only

How To Apply

  • Please visit the nearest Woori Bank’s branches along with any original copy of ID Documents
  • Open Fortune Deposit Account by yourself : Download Now
  • Contact us at 023 96 3333 for detailed information


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Annual Interest Rate for Fortune Deposit Account

Annual Interest Rate for Individual
TermMaturity Interest WithdrawalMonthly Interest Withdrawal
3-5 months5.25%4.75%1.00%5.00%4.50%0.75%
6-8 months6.00%5.75%1.75%5.75%5.50%1.50%
9-11 months6.50%6.00%2.50%6.25%5.75%2.25%
12-17 months7.50%7.25%3.75%7.25%7.00%3.50%
18-23 months7.60%7.35%3.75%7.35%7.10%3.50%
24-35 months7.75%7.50%4.00%7.50%7.25%3.75%
36 months8.00%7.65%4.00%7.75%7.40%3.75%
These rates are effective from May 27, 2024 until further notice.
Annual Interest Rate for Individual
Fortune Deposit Account (FDA)Annually Interest Withdrawal
Term (month)KHRUSD
24 months7.60%7.35%
36 months7.85%7.50%
These rates are effective from May 27, 2024 until further notice.


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