Key Benefits

  • Enjoy the Standing order service with No fee charge.
  • Assist consumers in paying or transferring money to frequent receivers.
  • Easy, save time and safe.


KHR USD and Thai Baht

  • Customers both, Sending Account and Receiving account are required to have Hope Saving Account with Woori Bank.
  • Customer’s account (sender account) requires to have sufficient balance before the settlement date.
  • Sending and receiving account must be the same currency account.
  • *Other Terms & Conditions applied.
  • * Woori Bank reserves the right to change all fee and other conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  • *Note: THB is available at designated branches only.

How To Apply

To request for Standing Order service:

Customers must complete Standing Order Registration Form at Woori Bank’s office where the sending account opened.

Customers will receive a notification of successful registration through his/her registered mobile phone as SMS.

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