Congratulations to 111 Savings account owners who won the prizes from Save to Win Campaign phase 1 !

Congratulations to 111 Savings account owners who won the prizes from Save to Win Campaign phase 1 !

Redeem conditions

  • Winners must present their NID/Passport/or other authorized documents to prove their identity to get the prize at branch offices in the list
  • Phnom Penh resident winners at Phnom Penh Area must come to confirm their identity and receive a prize at Woori Bank Chey Chumneas Branch (riverside) located next to the Royal Palace park.
  • All prizewinners must be redeemed within 30 (thirty) days from the date of winner announcement; otherwise, it will be deemed void.
  • All costs transportation/home delivery after handover the prize shall be borne by and responsibility of the customer.
  • Prize is not subject to exchangeable or transferrable at the time of receiving.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply

For more info: 023 963 333 / 081 331 333

List of winner

NoCustomer NameGenderAccount IDCurrencyPrizesRedeem Prizes Location
1CHEA SOPHEAKFEMALE190*****USDSmart Phone & AirpodDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
2SO SOPHALFEMALE234*****USDSmart Phone & AirpodSvay Rieng
3OR DAVYFEMALE244*****USDSmart Phone & AirpodDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
4CHHEANG KIM ORNMALE143*****USDSmart Phone & AirpodDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
5TUON NITAFEMALE151*****USDSmart Phone & AirpodDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
7HUOT VIPHOUFEMALE547*****KHRSmart TVBattambang
8NEAM SINATHMALE215*****KHRSmart TVKandal Stueng - Barku
9THE SOPHORSFEMALE140*****USDSmart TVBanan - Kantueu Pir
10YOUN SORIYAFEMALE245*****USDSmart TVPreah Netr Preah - Chob Vari
11RA NARUNMALE244*****USDSmart TVDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
12SOK CHANNECHFEMALE118*****USDSmart TVKampong Cham
14EL SARITHMALE217*****USDSmart TVDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
15SOUS DALINFEMALE202*****USDSmart TVDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
16YOEURN LEANGFEMALE244*****USDRefrigeratorSrei Santhor - Preaek Pou
17MAO SITHANMALE194*****USDRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
18LONH TUOCHMALE138*****USDRefrigeratorKampot
19CHUON PUT MEANITHFEMALE775*****KHRRefrigeratorKampong Chhnang
20FIN TEUMMALE245*****KHRRefrigeratorSamlout - Ta Sanh
21SUN MUYLEANGFEMALE749*****USDRefrigeratorKampong Thom
22OEUR CHANLEAPFEMALE147*****USDRefrigeratorKandal
23HUN THYDAFEMALE152*****USDRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
24PONG SOPHEAKFEMALE167*****KHRRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
25SOEM SINETFEMALE208*****USDRefrigeratorBakan - Boeng Khnar
26LOEM KENLONGMALE212*****USDWashing machineThma Puok - Thma Puok
27PHONN RATHAMALE206*****USDWashing machineDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
28LILAUK KHAMVAYMALE212*****USDWashing machineTa Khmau - Ta Khmau
29MORN SAMBATFEMALE243*****KHRWashing machineKampong Rou - Nhor
30AY YIVFEMALE208*****USDWashing machineDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
31TY CHANNRASMEYFEMALE224*****USDWashing machineDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
32NGET SOVANNARORTMALE164*****USDWashing machineAngkor Chey - Phnum Kong
33KHO SOMALYFEMALE222*****USDWashing machineDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
34SUOS MABMALE241*****USDWashing machineSamlout - Ta Sanh
35POCH SREYLEAKHFEMALE135*****USDWashing machineDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
36BOULY KYMALE248*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
37SOM SOKCHEAFEMALE246*****KHRSmart WatchKampong Speu
38CHHOEUN BORYMALE230*****KHRSmart WatchKuleaen - Kuleaen Tboung
39AN VOUCHNENGFEMALE235*****KHRSmart WatchPreah Vihear
40NOV SARONMALE165*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
41PANG PARAMALE136*****USDSmart WatchChhuk - Krang Snay
42NORNG CHANMALE239*****USDSmart WatchRumduol - Kampong Chak
43SOM SREYPOCHFEMALE198*****KHRSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
44PROM SREYNIFEMALE207*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
45SON SOKENGMALE177*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
46TON PHEAROMFEMALE207*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
47CHOUN PISETHMALE248*****USDSmart WatchRatanak Kiri
48LOUN SOVANNMALE207*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
49NENG MOLINAFEMALE242*****KHRSmart WatchSvay Rieng
50SEM SOPHANITHMALE120*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
51CHHAY BOPHAFEMALE244*****KHRSmart WatchSrei Snam - Chrouy Neang Nguon
52LY SOLENFEMALE202*****USDSmart WatchKandal Stueng - Barku
53SAT CHENMOUYHENGFEMALE248*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
54CHHENG SOKHENGFEMALE619*****KHRSmart WatchSiemreap
55MAO NYMALE623*****KHRSmart WatchPursat
56OEM SAMENGMALE246*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
57CHHEAV KEO MOROKOTFEMALE166*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
58YEANG LYMALE200*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
59SORNN SOTHOUMFEMALE223*****KHRSmart WatchMe Sang - Chi Phoch
60NOP KUNTHEAFEMALE204*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
61NHORN SIMIMALE230*****USDMicrowaveThpong - Prambei Mum
62TOUCH SREYNEATFEMALE249*****USDMicrowaveKandal Stueng - Barku
63LUN SOPHEAKMALE235*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
64PON NIMOLFEMALE672*****USDMicrowaveBattambang
65VANNA THAVYFEMALE217*****KHRMicrowaveMoung Ruessei - Kear
66POT RYNAFEMALE220*****USDMicrowaveKandal Stueng - Barku
67HENG PANHAFEMALE178*****KHRMicrowaveSrae Ambel - Srae Ambel
68PHOUM CHANTHENMALE148*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
69LOR MONGHOURTMALE250*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
70ROEURN HIMFEMALE229*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
71YI HANGYUMALE206*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
72MITH BUN KHEANNMALE219*****USDMicrowaveSiemreap
73CHOU SREYROTHFEMALE177*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
74BOU SOVANCHANSANYFEMALE199*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
75KOEM SUNSREYLEAKFEMALE248*****USDMicrowaveVeal Veaeng - Pramaoy
76LEE JUN KIMALE172*****KHRMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
77MAO SOVANNARITHMALE218*****USDMicrowaveAoral - Sangkae Satob
78SORN PUTTHYFEMALE210*****KHRMicrowaveKratie
79CHHOEM SOKKONGMALE204*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
80KEAN RACHANAFEMALE239*****KHRMicrowaveKampong Thom
81SIN SOPHANYFEMALE248*****KHRMicrowaveAoral - Sangkae Satob
82HEANG PISETHMALE128*****USDMicrowaveKamchay Mear - Smaong Khang Cheung
83KHEAV SAMBOMALE197*****KHRMicrowavePhnum Sruoch - Kiri Voan
84PHIM SEREYROTHMALE244*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
85KIM LAYMALE187*****KHRMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
86CHHOY PHALINFEMALE223*****USDVacuum CleanerAoral - Sangkae Satob
87NOB SREYOUNFEMALE226*****USDVacuum CleanerOdongk - Krang Chek
88THAI SEANG HONGFEMALE184*****USDVacuum CleanerPonhea Kraek - Kaong Kang
89MUY HORNGFEMALE247*****USDVacuum CleanerCheung Prey - Soutib
90KIM DALINFEMALE240*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
91TUON TOEURNFEMALE215*****KHRVacuum CleanerStung Treng
92SAM SOKHONFEMALE243*****USDVacuum CleanerKampong Thom
93MIN SOLYDAMALE150*****USDVacuum CleanerPursat
94KENG SREYMECHFEMALE244*****USDVacuum CleanerSrei Snam - Chrouy Neang Nguon
95SOK KHEANGMALE223*****USDVacuum CleanerChi Kraeng - Kampong Kdei
96NUT SOKNOEURNFEMALE232*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
97CHHIM SOPHEAKFEMALE237*****USDVacuum CleanerKampong Tralach - Peani
98IM KIMLEANGMALE210*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
99CHHEUN RAKSMEYMALE246*****USDVacuum CleanerKiri Vong - Preah Bat Choan Chum
100CHOEK SREYFEMALE122*****USDVacuum CleanerSamraong Tong - Saen Dei
101SOY SOKDAROMALE175*****USDVacuum CleanerSiemreap
102MEN POTHEAMALE216*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
103SUN SOPHORNMALE249*****USDVacuum CleanerPrey Kabbas - Prey Lvea
104PAY VANNAKFEMALE210*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
105RET RAKSAFEMALE135*****KHRVacuum CleanerRovieng - Robieb
106IE PHANETHFEMALE245*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
107KHEAV SOVANNARAFEMALE139*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
108NGOURN KIMHOURFEMALE160*****KHRVacuum CleanerBattambang
110SENG SOPHALMALE225*****KHRVacuum CleanerKandal Stueng - Barku
111SENG SOCHENGFEMALE219*****USDVacuum CleanerKampot