Congratulations to the winners from Woori Bank’s Lucky draw Campaign

Woori Bank is pleased to announce the winners of “Woori Banks Lucky Draw Grand Prize in celebrations of its official launch of Commercial Bank early of this year.

Congratulations to all 318 winners of Woori Bank Prizes, from “Woori Talks, We Talk” Facebook live conducted on 25th April 2022.

For terms and conditions of Woori Bank’s lucky draw program, please find here: Link

How to Redeem Prizes 

For 18 big prize winners: Winners of grand prizes including 2022 Ssangyong Tivoli Car, Smart TVs, $500 Gasoline Cards, Iphone 13 Pro Max, and Motorbikes will be invited to attend Prize Handover Event on 06th May 2022 at Woori Bank’s Tuol Svay Prey 2 Branch, Phnom Penh. Please bring your ID card along.

For 300 Winners of US$100, US$100 Gasoline Card, and Smart 1 Year Plan prizes are requested to visit any of our 18 Regional Branches, to open account and redeem prizes from 06 May 2022 to 20 May 2022. Please bring your ID card along.

Prizes Redeeming Locations

Winner addressBranch addressGoogle Map Link
Phnom Penh Building # 398, Preah Monivong Blvd., Sangkat Boeng Keng Kang Ti Muoy, Khan Boeng Keng Kang, Phnom Penh
Banteay MeancheyNational Road № 6, Kampong Svay Village, Sangkat Kampong Svay, Krong Serei Saophoan, Banteay Meanchey Province
Battambang№ 99, National Road № 3, Maphey Osakphea Village, Sangkat Svay Por, Krong Battambang, Battambang Province
Kampong ChamBoeng Snay Village, Sangkat Sambuor Meas, Krong Kampong Cham, Kampong Cham Province
Kampong ChhnangNational Road № 5, Tuol Kralanh Village, Sangkat Kampong Chhnang, Krong Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Chhnang Province
Kampong Speu№ 85, National Road № 04, Borei Kammeakkar Village, Sangkat Rokar Thum, Krong Chbar Mon, Kampong Speu Province
Kampong Thom№ 009B, Group 1, National Road № 6, Stueng Saen Village, Sangkat Kampong Krabau, Krong Stueng Saen, Kampong Thom Province
KampotKampong Bay Khang Cheung Village, Sangkat Kampong Bay, Krong Kampot​, Kampot Province
KandalNo. 240, National Road 2, Krapeu Ha Village, Sangkat Prek Ruessey, Krong Ta Khmau, Kandal Province
Koh KongStreet Khemara Phoumin, Group № 7, Phum Ti Pir Village, Sangkat Smach Mean Chey, Khemara Phoumin Municipality, Koh Kong Province
KratieOu Ruessei Ti Muoy Village, Sangkat Ou Ruessei, Sangkat Kracheh, Kratie Province
MondulkiriKandal ​Village, Spean Mean Chey Commune, Saen Monourom municipality, Mondul Kiri Province
Oddar MeancheyDoun Kaen Village, Sangkat Samraong, Krong Samraong, Oddar Meanchey Province
PailinOu Ta Puk Leu Village, Sangkat Pailin, Krong Pailin, Pailin Province
Preah VihearLa Edth Village, Sangkat Kampong Pranak, Krong Preah Vihear, Preah Vihear Province
Prey Veng№ 23,​ National Road № 11, Lekh Prambei Village, Sangkat Kampong Leav, Krong Prey Veng, Prey Veng Province
Pursat№ 475, National Road № 5, Krang Pophleak Village, Sangkat Svay At, Krong Pursat, Pursat Province
RattanakiriStreet № 78, Chey Chumnas Village, Sangkat Labansiek, Krong Ban Lung, Ratanak Kiri Province
Siem Reap№ 76, National Road № 6, Chongkaosou Village, Sangkat Sla Kram, Krong Siemreap, Siemreap Province
Preah Sihanouk№ 249, Street Ekareach 100, Phum Bei, Sangkat Pir, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Preah Sihanouk Province
Stung TrengKandal Village, Sangkat Stueng Traeng, Krong Stueng Traeng, Stueng Traeng Province
Svay RiengKien Sang Village, Sangkat Svay Rieng, Krong Svay Rieng, Svay Rieng Province
TakeoNational Road 2, Phum Thnal Baek, Sangkat Roka Krau, Krong Doun Kaev, Takeo Province
Tboung KhmumNational Road № 7, Cheung Lang Village, Sangkat Suong, Krong Suong, Tboung Khmum Province

Note: Winners are not required to make any payment or fees for prize redemptions. In the event of any fraudulent contact and require payment, Woori Bank will not be responsible in any case.

Woori Bank official contacts are 023 963 333 / 081 331 333. Official Facebook page:

Winners Information List

1Sovan menghongPhnom PenhCar
2គា ចាន់ណារ៉ាBattambangHondaBeats
3TORK LYDABattambangHondaBeats
4ROMAM HLAEURattanakiriHondaBeats
5Chum SitipanhounBattambangHondaBeats
6ហ៊ុន ហឿនMondulkiriHondaBeats
7Oeung BunsangKampotIphone
8OUN CHANTHOUKampong SpeuIphone
9Long sophannaratKampong SpeuIphone
10YonesokrasmeyPhnom PenhGasoline500
11គិត វីPhnom PenhGasoline500
12IT SENGBanteay MeancheyGasoline500
13ឌឿ សុជាBanteay MeancheyGasoline500
14SOK MALENSiem ReapSmartTV
15Thong SokhomKandalSmartTV
16Sengphal DavinePhnom PenhSmartTV
17Sim kosalPhnom PenhSmartTV
18An VidavinPhnom PenhSmartTV
19HORM PROSBanteay MeancheySmart 1 year
20Soy rathaTakeoSmart 1 year
21ជា សម្បត្តិKampong SpeuSmart 1 year
22Sen kanhaKampotSmart 1 year
23ហ៊ាង យូងនKandalSmart 1 year
24Y Phol kunPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
25CHAN POUTH SANGWARPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
26ហាស់ហុង វីរះPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
27EN SAORASvay RiengSmart 1 year
28អ៊ុត ហុនKampong SpeuSmart 1 year
29សន យ៉ុមPrey VengSmart 1 year
30វង់ ចាន់រ៉នPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
31Heng synanKampong ChamSmart 1 year
32សេង សុភាTbong KhmumSmart 1 year
33ជា ម៉ាប់Banteay MeancheySmart 1 year
34ឡេង គន្ធីBattambangSmart 1 year
35ចាន់ សុគឿនSvay RiengSmart 1 year
36អ្នក សៀងអោយKampong ChhnangSmart 1 year
37Mak thananTbong KhmumSmart 1 year
38ROMAM THEANRattanakiriSmart 1 year
39Horn piseyPrey VengSmart 1 year
40SOM PRANGLOEUMAPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
41You chanraksmeyKandalSmart 1 year
42ឆាយ វីលីយ៉ាPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
43KAN KHEANKampong ChamSmart 1 year
44ខ្លោង វែងRattanakiriSmart 1 year
45នី សុីណាKampong ThomSmart 1 year
46Norng ChanthaKampong SpeuSmart 1 year
47ឈួន រុនKandalSmart 1 year
48យឹមផល្លាSiem ReapSmart 1 year
49ផាត់ ស្រីពេជ្រKampong SpeuSmart 1 year
50លឺម​សុផលTbong KhmumSmart 1 year
51មិនរតនាSvay RiengSmart 1 year
52Chhun panhaPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
53Huyly HeangKandalSmart 1 year
54RothsreylorngKampong ChamSmart 1 year
55ហុង សុខជីមPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
56ly reaksmeyPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
57ហ៊ ស៊ីណាKandalSmart 1 year
58ហាត សុភីKampong ThomSmart 1 year
59Kimlong LeangPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
60ណុចណារីKampong ChamSmart 1 year
61កុយ ដៀបSvay RiengSmart 1 year
62នៅស្រីកែបSihanouk VilleSmart 1 year
63THA PENGRattanakiriSmart 1 year
64ធី ថាវីSvay RiengSmart 1 year
65អាន សីហាPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
66ហ៊ិន សារឿនPrey VengSmart 1 year
67ហុឹម បុត្រPreah VihearSmart 1 year
68Yan ToeurngKandalSmart 1 year
69ហ៊ូ ភក្តីPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
70កែវ សុម៉ាលីPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
71អាន សុខលាភTbong KhmumSmart 1 year
72HEM HAKPreah VihearSmart 1 year
73ឆុំ រាត្រីBattambangSmart 1 year
74លីវ ហ៊ាបPrey VengSmart 1 year
75YORNG PANNKampong SpeuSmart 1 year
76Mov Siv sourkeaSiem ReapSmart 1 year
77Suon SorpheaPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
78ឆាន់ នីPrey VengSmart 1 year
79សោម ពិសីKampong SpeuSmart 1 year
80Hong kimkeoPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
81ឈាង ប៊ុនរ៉ុងKampong ChhnangSmart 1 year
82Kol VibolPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
83៚ស្រ៊ន់ ភារឹទ្ធMondulkiriSmart 1 year
84Mina KhoeurnPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
85HEN SAM OEUNKampong ChhnangSmart 1 year
86Pho VanndyTakeoSmart 1 year
87At ThearaSvay RiengSmart 1 year
88ផុន សារិនMondulkiriSmart 1 year
89LOEK NANGTakeoSmart 1 year
90Dinh PrathnaPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
91ហ៊ាន បូរ៉ាTakeoSmart 1 year
92អូម កាហមRattanakiriSmart 1 year
93DarinPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
94ចេន រតនៈKampong ChamSmart 1 year
95ឡី សុខណេងMondulkiriSmart 1 year
96ហុង​ ស្រីវេតPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
97MEL NACHKampong ChamSmart 1 year
98CHAN ARNRattanakiriSmart 1 year
99អែល ស្រីលីនTakeoSmart 1 year
100SOTH LEAKHENAKandalSmart 1 year
101SVAY SOPHORNSvay RiengSmart 1 year
102ឈិន ប៊ុននាងBattambangSmart 1 year
103Yem sreytouchPrey VengSmart 1 year
104សែមលីម៉េងBattambangSmart 1 year
105រ៉ានី ស្រីអូនKampong ChamSmart 1 year
106រ័ត្ន វាសនាMondulkiriSmart 1 year
107សៀ វុត្ថាPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
108ហ៊ា សុីមKandalSmart 1 year
109ណា ចាន់នីKandalSmart 1 year
110ឌុន សាវ៉េតPreah VihearSmart 1 year
111វ៉ន ចន្ធូKampong ThomSmart 1 year
112Mon SounnaryKandalSmart 1 year
113Phan SatraSiem ReapSmart 1 year
114ផាត់ ស៊ីនិតPursatSmart 1 year
115កើត ញឹមKampotSmart 1 year
116SOTH SOKPHANITHPhnom PenhSmart 1 year
117សុខ ហ៊ីមTakeoSmart 1 year
118Noeurn SonetKampong SpeuSmart 1 year
119BOR LAPailinGasoline100
120SokRaPhnom PenhGasoline100
121KEV CHANTHAPhnom PenhGasoline100
122ហូ វីហុងPreah VihearGasoline100
123Kuy YoeklengPhnom PenhGasoline100
124Chhiek MakaraPhnom PenhGasoline100
125ដឿន ឌីណាKampong ThomGasoline100
126ថែប សាមនKampong ThomGasoline100
127រឿន ចាន់ត្រាBattambangGasoline100
128ហន រតនាKampong SpeuGasoline100
129UM SAMNANGKampong SpeuGasoline100
130Los troheatKampong ChhnangGasoline100
131ហួន​ ចាន់រ៉ាត់Banteay MeancheyGasoline100
132ស៊ុន អរ័KampotGasoline100
133សុឹម សុខនីKampong ChamGasoline100
134DIN CHANRYBanteay MeancheyGasoline100
135NOCH SOKHAPailinGasoline100
136នាក់ ណាក់MondulkiriGasoline100
137Han ChhunheangPhnom PenhGasoline100
138លី អារីណាSiem ReapGasoline100
139គុយ ដារ៉ូPhnom PenhGasoline100
140SON CHANTRYBanteay MeancheyGasoline100
141អុន សុនីតាPhnom PenhGasoline100
142KOENG RATHTakeoGasoline100
143អ៊ុន ម៉ា​រ៉ា​ឌីKandalGasoline100
144ឌឹម លក្ខិណាPrey VengGasoline100
145SOU VANNOBStung TrengGasoline100
146ចាន់ ចនPrey VengGasoline100
147SONG CHANTHYKampong SpeuGasoline100
148ជាប់ ជឿមBattambangGasoline100
149វុន ចាន់និតBanteay MeancheyGasoline100
150ទា ផនPhnom PenhGasoline100
151រឿន សំរ៉ងPrey VengGasoline100
152យុង កបKandalGasoline100
153Ech PhearaTbong KhmumGasoline100
154Phat sreydetTbong KhmumGasoline100
155Sok NedaSvay RiengGasoline100
156Ut TakvannPhnom PenhGasoline100
157អោ​ ច្រូចKampong ChhnangGasoline100
158ណង ត្រសក់Banteay MeancheyGasoline100
159HUN MALAKampong ChamGasoline100
160ស្វាយ​ យ៉េនBattambangGasoline100
161DoeblornPhnom PenhGasoline100
162Kong ChanthengKampong ChamGasoline100
163Roet BoraPreah VihearGasoline100
164CHEK SEYHAPhnom PenhGasoline100
165ប៉ាល់ សៅSvay RiengGasoline100
166សាវេន ច្រេនSihanouk VilleGasoline100
167RORN BUNRETHBattambangGasoline100
168វង់ វាសន្លាTbong KhmumGasoline100
169Chea VouchleangPhnom PenhGasoline100
170ទៀង ស៊ីអ៊ីមBattambangGasoline100
172ច្រុច កណ្តូបBanteay MeancheyGasoline100
173សោម សំអានTbong KhmumGasoline100
174Seat SavetKampong ChamGasoline100
175Som samnangKratieGasoline100
176Soeurn LinaPhnom PenhGasoline100
177លឹម សុវណ្ណារីSvay RiengGasoline100
178អេង​ សុកជាKampong ChamGasoline100
179Bou SovanchansanyPhnom PenhGasoline100
180សាវុធ សុខាPhnom PenhGasoline100
181Choeun SamnangKampong ThomGasoline100
182PHORK REMTbong KhmumGasoline100
183ចន វិជ្ជាSvay RiengGasoline100
184ប្រាក់ វត្តីKampong SpeuGasoline100
185សឺត វណ្ណះBattambangGasoline100
186Um sreynoKratieGasoline100
187ប៉ែនចន្ទ័ត្រាSiem ReapGasoline100
188រស់ រ៉នKampong ThomGasoline100
189ផុន ទេពភិវឌ្ឍន៍Phnom PenhGasoline100
190រុន ស៊ីណាKampong ChamGasoline100
191សែម​ សារឿនTakeoGasoline100
192Sor nyBanteay MeancheyGasoline100
193ឆុំ ស្រីពេជ្រPhnom PenhGasoline100
194ផន សារ៉នTakeoGasoline100
195សន​ សុីនាងPhnom PenhGasoline100
196ទិត លន់BattambangGasoline100
197ឃឹមស្រីស្រស់Kampong SpeuGasoline100
198ស្រ៊ន់រដ្ឋាTbong KhmumGasoline100
199តាន់ យូហ៊ងKandalGasoline100
200ជឿន ស្រីពៅTbong KhmumGasoline100
202ឯក សុភាKampong SpeuGasoline100
203MEUN SAMITTbong KhmumGasoline100
204ហាច អួចBanteay MeancheyGasoline100
205លេង ចិត្រាBanteay MeancheyGasoline100
206SUMSOPHOSKampong SpeuGasoline100
207ពិច សុផាPreah VihearGasoline100
208Khy sopheapKampong ChamGasoline100
209SINCHANBOPHASvay RiengGasoline100
210Chorm KimmengPhnom PenhGasoline100
211គង់ ស្រីមុមKampong SpeuGasoline100
212ម៉ុល សុខជាKampong SpeuGasoline100
213Dam SreythySiem ReapGasoline100
214តៃ បញ្ញាKoh KongGasoline100
215ទូច យ៉ានីPrey VengGasoline100
216ចន ដាPrey VengGasoline100
217តែម ពេជKampotGasoline100
218អេង សនSvay RiengGasoline100
219ចាន់ គន្ធាSvay RiengCash
220មាន សុធីនKratieCash
221មឿន ស័ក្ដិសិរីណងSiem ReapCash
222ស៊ីម និមលPhnom PenhCash
224សេង តេកឡាKandalCash
225អុិន សំអ៑ាតBattambangCash
226ឌី ឡៃBattambangCash
227Sopharith SemPhnom PenhCash
228ថន់ ចន្ធីPhnom PenhCash
229សឹម ឆៃយ៉ាKampong SpeuCash
230Kheam ChanchamroeunPhnom PenhCash
231man yososKampong ThomCash
232ផន វាសនាKampong SpeuCash
233TouchlidaPhnom PenhCash
234វង់ សុខនាKratieCash
235Chhen rachanaKandalCash
236ប៑ុនអេងលាងTbong KhmumCash
237LIM YOULINKoh KongCash
238MEN PUCHKampong SpeuCash
240Noun BoraPhnom PenhCash
241ហេង សុខអេងPhnom PenhCash
242អែម​ ញឿនKampong ChamCash
243លឹមសំភារម្យPhnom PenhCash
244Oung SorsachakPhnom PenhCash
245ហ៊ីម ឧត្តមPrey VengCash
246Measpeou VannithPhnom PenhCash
247San putheavyPhnom PenhCash
248ឈន គីមណាKampong ChhnangCash
249លុច លេខSiem ReapCash
250YOU SOKHOEUNKampong SpeuCash
251សឿង រក្សាBanteay MeancheyCash
252Sok ChounathSvay RiengCash
253ថន ប៊ុន លីមKandalCash
254ផង ច័ន្ទថាTakeoCash
255HengromneaPhnom PenhCash
256LEAV CHANTEANGKampong ChamCash
257ហាន ប្រាជ្ញាPhnom PenhCash
258ហម ចន្ទតារាPailinCash
260អុន សុភក្តិPrey VengCash
261San sreynatPhnom PenhCash
262Don SokeyStung TrengCash
263អ៊ុច សិត្បូKampong SpeuCash
264OK SORPHORNRattanakiriCash
265មឿន កុសល់BattambangCash
266វង់សុភាKampong SpeuCash
267ហោម ម៉ាចKampotCash
268ពៅ ចិនTakeoCash
269PICH ViraksmeiPhnom PenhCash
270ឌី ចិន្តាKandalCash
271Chea channyBattambangCash
272ភុន ប្រុសOddor MeancheyCash
273TANG HenghengPhnom PenhCash
274សុភ័ណ្ឌPhnom PenhCash
275KHORN LEAPTbong KhmumCash
276សាត់ សាវុធStung TrengCash
277មុត លីឃាងBattambangCash
278កិកម៉េងគាKampong ChamCash
279Horn NaiheangKampong ChamCash
280អំ​ បូរីTakeoCash
281សែម ច័ន្ទសិរីKampotCash
282SIM BORSPrey VengCash
283Sum DavinPrey VengCash
284khut chhonSiem ReapCash
285Pil OunPrey VengCash
286អេម វរលក្ខណ៍PursatCash
287Tuon VannaPhnom PenhCash
288យាន សុយ៉ុងKampong SpeuCash
289Hon NhinPhnom PenhCash
291ហេង សុវណ្ណPursatCash
292ព្រំស្រីពៅSvay RiengCash
293Y VITHYKampong ChamCash
295ឈន វ៉ាន់ថាTakeoCash
296សៀ ពៅKandalCash
297ឈី ឆេងKandalCash
298អង ពិសិទ្ធPhnom PenhCash
299So SophornPhnom PenhCash
300ជួង ចាន់ណាTakeoCash
301IV CHHEAPhnom PenhCash
302SONG SRIMKampong ChamCash
303ហឿន ធួនTbong KhmumCash
304ធែល កាតូចKampong SpeuCash
305ឧត្តម កេតហ្សាPhnom PenhCash
306VA PHUNSiem ReapCash
307YEN SILINTakeoCash
308Yoeun SinaPhnom PenhCash
309ចាន់ សារ៉ាត់Phnom PenhCash
310Chhoeurn ChhaiBattambangCash
311sovannreth huyTakeoCash
312ហ៊ុំ សុខឌឿនKratieCash
313គង់ ច័ន្ទឌីណាPrey VengCash
314សេង អៀមSihanouk VilleCash
315ស្រ៊ុន ឃាងស្រេងPhnom PenhCash
316Sok khvanPhnom PenhCash
317Prum KakadaPhnom PenhCash
318PhasopheakTbong KhmumCash