Congratulations to 222 savings account owners who won the prizes from Save to Win campaign

Redeem conditions

  • Winners must present their NID/Passport/or other authorized documents to prove their identity to get the prize at branch offices in the list
  • Phnom Penh resident winners at Phnom Penh Area must come to confirm their identity and receive a prize at Woori Bank Chey Chumneas Branch (riverside) located next to the Royal Palace park.
  • All prizewinners must be redeemed within 30 (thirty) days from the date of winner announcement (from August 18 to September 17, 2023); otherwise, it will be deemed void.
  • All costs transportation/home delivery after handover the prize shall be borne by and responsibility of the customer.
  • Prize is not subject to exchangeable or transferrable at the time of receiving.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply

For more info: 023 963 333 / 081 331 333


List of winner

NoCustomer Name GenderAccountIDCurrencyPrizeRedeem Prizes Location
1Boun OeurtMALE190*****USDSmart PhonePuok - Puok
2Sorn SengFEMALE214*****USDSmart PhoneKandal Stueng - Barku
3Korng VesalMALE250*****USDSmart PhoneKamchay Mear - Smaong Khang Cheung
4Heng LydaFEMALE222*****USDSmart PhoneDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
5Ly KimsanFEMALE244*****USDSmart PhoneBanan - Kantueu Pir
6Choi Jeong KyuMALE193*****USDSmart TVDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
7Seng SreavMALE232*****USDSmart TVDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
8Tep TepyFEMALE248*****USDSmart TVDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
9Oun KimlengFEMALE244*****KHRSmart TVSrei Snam - Chrouy Neang Nguon
10Heng SeylaMALE139*****KHRSmart TVKampong Cham
11Hem ThonaMALE252*****USDSmart TVTakeo
12Rit SeanghouFEMALE140*****USDSmart TVKamchay Mear - Smaong Khang Cheung
13Ung SopheakMALE248*****USDSmart TVTramkak - Angk Ta Saom
14Lim SreynichFEMALE244*****USDSmart TVDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
15Youk ChomroeunMALE248*****USDSmart TVDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
16Meas SotheaFEMALE172*****KHRRefrigeratorKampong Speu
17Oaun LaekanaFEMALE208*****USDRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
18Siav VantyMALE153*****USDRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
19Almahdi Mohammed Yahya MohammedMALE247*****USDRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
20Yann SokkhengFEMALE203*****USDRefrigeratorBasedth - Pheari Mean Chey
21Sreng ReaksaFEMALE212*****USDRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
22Cheib VisalMALE186*****USDRefrigeratorTakeo
23Bouy RatanaMALE114*****USDRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
24Suon SopanhaMALE209*****USDRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
25Yang Eun MiFEMALE244*****USDRefrigeratorDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
26Pheng LoyMALE173*****USDWashing MachineDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
27Tep SokhaFEMALE242*****USDWashing MachinePailin
28Um ChhaidethMALE225*****KHRWashing MachineTakeo
29Un LakhenaFEMALE229*****KHRWashing MachineKampong Tralach - Peani
30Soeun RachanaFEMALE226*****USDWashing MachinePrey Chhor - Chrey Vien
31Hout RithyMALE158*****KHRWashing MachineDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
32Heng ChheangMALE250*****USDWashing MachineDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
33Heng SimalenFEMALE213*****KHRWashing MachineMemot - Memot
34Morm RathaMALE208*****USDWashing MachineBasedth - Pheari Mean Chey
35Long SenghakMALE199*****KHRWashing MachineVeal Veaeng - Pramaoy
36Moeurn SreyleasFEMALE227*****USDSmart WatchKandal
37Svay SaroeunFEMALE217*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
38Hean SophinMALE250*****USDSmart WatchKamrieng - Boeng Reang
39Roeun ThydaFEMALE250*****USDSmart WatchKaoh Nheaek - Srae Sangkum
40Prum AngkerchakriyaFEMALE194*****KHRSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
41Sun SreyleapFEMALE238*****KHRSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
42Kim Yong SikMALE212*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
43Pan MolicaFEMALE201*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
44Pich PiseyFEMALE165*****KHRSmart WatchMoung Ruessei - Kear
45Touch PheakMALE120*****USDSmart WatchRatanak Kiri
46Phy KimsrinFEMALE228*****KHRSmart WatchMemot - Memot
47Long SeyhaMALE244*****USDSmart WatchKandal
48Phoem SarithMALE125*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
49Som PrangloeumaFEMALE952*****KHRSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
50Te PichkongMALE243*****USDSmart WatchPaoy Paet - Paoy Paet
51Nou LaFEMALE666*****KHRSmart WatchKandal
52Von SreymaoFEMALE136*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
53Pich SelaFEMALE218*****USDSmart WatchDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
54Sur Srey PheapFEMALE195*****USDSmart WatchRovieng - Robieb
55Roeum SaryFEMALE164*****KHRSmart WatchPuok - Puok
56Uk SreyveyFEMALE172*****KHRSmart WatchPursat
57Oeng HeangMALE245*****USDSmart WatchPhnum Proek - Pech Chenda
58Chim ChandaraFEMALE212*****KHRSmart WatchPrey Kabbas - Prey Lvea
59Sok Borin MALE195*****KHRSmart WatchBasedth - Pheari Mean Chey
60Heng BarangMALE244*****KHRSmart WatchBanteay Meanchey
61Lay SokranFEMALE249*****USDMicrowaveKandal
62Song InhyeFEMALE249*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
63Chan ThyvannMALE195*****KHRMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
64Dim SophalFEMALE250*****USDMicrowaveKuleaen - Kuleaen Tboung
65Morn VendyFEMALE150*****USDMicrowavePhnum Proek - Pech Chenda
66Meas ChansophornFEMALE157*****USDMicrowaveBattambang
67Sok SreypovFEMALE248*****KHRMicrowaveKoh Kong
68Suon VanakMALE249*****USDMicrowavePonhea Lueu-Tumnob Thum
69Leakhenai TunnyMALE161*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
70Vann KimchhorFEMALE230*****USDMicrowaveKampong Thom
71Chea SiemFEMALE209*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
72Chea DarithMALE930*****USDMicrowaveKampong Cham
73Hong SopheavryFEMALE248*****KHRMicrowaveBanteay Meanchey
74Sem SopheapMALE247*****KHRMicrowaveKampong Thom
75Moul LornMALE203*****USDMicrowavePailin
76Sok ChanthaMALE245*****KHRMicrowaveRatanak Kiri
77Y EangkhengFEMALE212*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
78Lin SokkhimMALE239*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
79Lee ThengMALE213*****KHRMicrowaveTrapeang Prasat - Trapeang Prasat
80Sanh DinaFEMALE214*****USDMicrowaveKandal Stueng - Barku
81Ban SopheapMALE234*****KHRMicrowaveKandal Stueng - Barku
82Te SangFEMALE215*****KHRMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
83Koch Sovann MonyneathFEMALE244*****USDMicrowaveDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
84Sath SavuthFEMALE130*****USDMicrowaveStung Treng
85Phon SochanthouFEMALE244*****USDMicrowaveChoam Ksant - Choam Ksant
86Pen VornFEMALE250*****KHRVacuum CleanerPhnum Sruoch - Kiri Voan
87Born LynetFEMALE205*****USDVacuum CleanerPaoy Paet - Paoy Paet
88Nan KosolFEMALE169*****USDVacuum CleanerBavel - Bavel
89Pheak KimlengFEMALE216*****KHRVacuum CleanerS'ang - Preaek Koy
90Soem TharyFEMALE243*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
91Son SapheapMALE170*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
92Seark ChakriyaFEMALE216*****USDVacuum CleanerPursat
93Khim SambatMALE209*****KHRVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
94Choch LinaFEMALE243*****KHRVacuum CleanerKampong Speu
95You SophorsFEMALE208*****USDVacuum CleanerBa Phnum - Chheu Kach
96Siet PhallaFEMALE234*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
97Ma SichengFEMALE150*****USDVacuum CleanerPhnum Sruoch - Kiri Voan
98Say AngMALE246*****KHRVacuum CleanerPhnum Sruoch - Kiri Voan
99Huy SomphorsMALE207*****USDVacuum CleanerBavet - Chrak Mtes
100Long SidetMALE152*****KHRVacuum CleanerKampong Speu
101Sem LeakhenaFEMALE209*****USDVacuum CleanerBanteay Meanchey
102Yan RomFEMALE222*****USDVacuum CleanerThpong - Prambei Mum
103Bun TeanMALE246*****KHRVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
104Kon Gech SroyFEMALE246*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
105Mom RothaMALE240*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
106Cheak DanyFEMALE140*****USDVacuum CleanerKamchay Mear - Smaong Khang Cheung
107Nov SinanMALE252*****USDVacuum CleanerDoun Penh - Chey Chummeah (Riverside)
108Vuthy SaoMALE240*****USDVacuum CleanerBavet - Chrak Mtes
109Pen SorphornFEMALE220*****KHRVacuum CleanerTakeo
110Pon SarethMALE242*****KHRVacuum CleanerKandal Stueng - Barku
111Dann VandaraFEMALE209*****USDVacuum CleanerPaoy Paet - Paoy Paet
112Oeur RindaMALE249*****USDSmart TVKandal
113Rith Chy VornFEMALE212*****USDVacuum CleanerKampong Chhnang