Offer 15% discount at Body Shop for payment via Woori VISA Cards!

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer 15% discount at Body Shop by paying with Woori VISA Platinum Card and Woori VISA Gold Card all products in stores.
  • Offer 10% discount to all products in stores by paying with Woori VISA Classic Card
  • Free facial massage and hand massage service to Woori Visa Card holder and WBC staff ( With Appointments by number +855 81 457 555)
  • This offer start from 01 May 2024 until 30 April 2025 For every The Body Shop Branch

* Special promotion exclusively for Woori Visa Cardholder

Period:  June 15th to September 14th, 2024,

Detail: Any purchase of Aluminum Refill bottle priced at 7.31 USD, Woori Bank users will receive a complimentary liquid refill of their choice, absolutely free.

Refill Only The Body Shop Aeon Mall Mean Chey Branch

Refill options:

  • Shower Gel Moringa ($8.54 USD)
  • Shower Gel British Rose ($8.54 USD)
  • Shower Cream Almond Milk ($8.54 USD)
  • Shower Cream Shea ($8.54 USD)
  • Shower Gel Strawberry ($8.54 USD)
  • Shampoo Ginger ($12.93 USD)
  • Shampoo Shea ($12.93 USD)
  • Conditioner Ginger ($12.93 USD)
  • Conditioner Shea ($12.93 USD)

For more information Tel: 081 457 555