Congratulations to merchant Win Gold 1 Damleng, Necklace 5 Chi, Rings and Cash prizes from WOORI BANK merchant promotion!

Congratulations to merchant Win Gold 1 Damleng, Necklace 5 Chi, Rings and Cash prizes from WOORI BANK!

Terms and Conditions

  • Merchant must present their NID/Passport/or other authorized documents to prove their identity documents provided by customers must truly match 100% with the detailed information in Woori Bank Account.
  • All prize must be redeemed within 30 (thirty) days from the date of winner announcement; otherwise, it will be deemed void. In this case, Woori Bank reserves the right to dispose the prize at its sole discretion and the customer shall have no right to dispute in whatever reasons.
  • Prize is not subject to exchangeable or transferrable at the time of receiving.
  • Woori Bank reserves the right to change the prizes, term, or terminate the promotion campaign at any time without prior notice.
  • Cash prizes will be credited to the customer’s account.
  • For more info: 023 963 333 / 081 331 333

* Terms and Conditions Apply

List of Merchant Discount Partners 

No.Parnter Shop NameBiz CategoryMERCHANT IDAddressCURRENCYPrizes
1La Gosy Café & BakeryBakery712****Pursat ProvinceKHRGold 1 Doem Lueng
2SS pharmSkin care728****Phnom PenhUSDGold Necklace 5 Chi
3Rith Vitou RestaurantPub724****Phnom PenhUSDRing 1 Chi
4BP PremiumCoffee Shop722****Phnom PenhUSDRing 1 Chi
5Santepheap Dental ClinicDental Clinic722****Phnom PenhUSDRing 1 Chi
6KLC CambodiaSchool726****Phnom PenhUSDCash 100USD
7Sart Man barber shopSalon & Beauty Shop727****Phnom PenhUSDCash 100USD
8Noir Coffee BKK 1Coffee Shop724****Phnom PenhUSDCash 100USD

List of Merchant KHQR Winner

NoMerchant NameMerchant IDAddressCurrencyPrizes
1BOU SORN728****Phnom PenhUSDGold 1 Dom leung
2CHAN THAILEANG729****Phnom PenhUSDGold Necklace 5 Chi
3DOEUN SOKTONG728****Phnom PenhUSDGold Necklace 5 Chi
4CHHIM SAMOEURN728****Basedth - Pheari Mean CheyKHRGold Ring 1 Chi
5LEANG DARA716****Phnom PenhUSDGold Ring 1 Chi
6CHOV BUNNGOUN725****Phnom PenhKHRGold Ring 1 Chi
7Cakes and Craft728****Phnom PenhUSDGold Ring 1 Chi
8TRAN VAN TRUONG728****Phnom PenhUSDGold Ring 1 Chi
9NORN SOMALY728****Phnom PenhKHRCash 100 USD
10PHORM PHAI724****SiemreapUSDCash 100 USD
11TANG RITH728****Phnom PenhUSDCash 100 USD
12BON​ SOKLY729****Phnom PenhUSDCash 100 USD
13HOUT SERIEKUNTHEA728****Phnom PenhUSDCash 100 USD
14Loren YUN729****Kampong ChhnangUSDCash 100 USD
15SOUNG SEREYVATHNAK728****Phnom PenhKHRCash 100 USD
16AN ​SEANGLORN728****Mondul KiriUSDCash 100 USD
17LEN CHHOREAT728****SiemreapUSDCash 100 USD
18EM IM713****BattambangUSDCash 100 USD
19SRENG SOKLA728****Phnom PenhKHRCash 100 USD
20Gtent by S.K729****Phnom PenhUSDCash 100 USD