More excited! Save to win promotion with Woori Bank!

Save to win 10 SAMSUNG Galaxy S23, 20 Smart TVs, 20 refrigerators, 20 washing machines and 222 other Samsung products 222 prizes.

Just open any savings account with Woori Bank among Hope Savings Account / Savings account Plus /Quick Account and make a deposit and maintain monthly balance. More balance more chances to win prizes.

This campaign starts from 01st March until 30th June 2023.

ល.រប្រភេទរង្វាន់ ចំនួនរង្វាន់សមតុលប្រាក់ អប្បរមាជាមធ្យម (USD)គិតជាប្រាក់រៀល
1ស្មាតហ្វូន +កាសស្តាប់ត្រចៀក ប្លូធូ
(Galaxy S23 + Galaxy Bud2)"
10 300 USD1,200,000
2ទូរទស្សន៍ ស្មាតធីវី 65 អ៊ីញ20 200 USD800,000
3ទូរទឹកកក20 200 USD800,000
4ម៉ាស៊ីនបោកគក់20100 USD400,000
5នាឡិកាឆ្លាតវៃ50100 USD400,000
6មីក្រូវ៉េវ50 50 USD200,000
7ម៉ាស៊ីនបូមធូលី52 50 USD200,000
Total Prizes222 prizes



  1. For new customers: must open a saving account (HSA or SAP or Register Quick Account) with Woori Bank and make a deposit (as stated in the table above).
  2. For existing customers: must make a deposit and keep the balance in either HSA or SAP or Quick Account (as stated in the table above).
  3. Both existing and new customers must have at least 1 MB transaction (fund transfer into Woori Bank Account or Pay to any KHQR Merchant using Woori Bank’s MB.
  4. For closed/ inactive/suspended account will NOT be considered part of the lucky draw.
  5. To be eligible for the lucky draw, customer must maintain their average minimum balance (month-end balance) as stated in the table above at the time of lucky draw announcement:

Note: in case one customer have more than one account, the average balance will counted separately.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. One customer can only win one prize per this whole campaign.
  2. All prizes must be redeemed within 30 (thirty) days from the date of winner announcement; otherwise, it will be deemed void. In this case, Woori Bank reserves the right to dispose the prize at its sole discretion and the customer shall have no right to dispute in whatever reasons.
  3. All costs transportation/home delivery after handover the prize shall be borne by and responsibility of the customer.
  4. Customers must present their NID/Passport/or other authorized documents to prove their identity to get the prize.
  5. Prize is not subject to exchangeable or transferrable at the time of receiving.
  6. The winner announcement will be conducted 2 times during the campaign period (1st time in May 2023 and 2nd time in July 2023).
  7. Woori Bank’s employees are not eligible to join this campaign.
  8. Woori Bank reserves the right to change campaign’s artwork, prizes, duration, Terms & Conditions, or terminate the campaign at any time at its own discretion without prior notice.