Congratulations to winners from MB Lucky draw promotion for 2nd Month!

Congratulations to winners from MB Lucky draw promotion for 2nd Month!

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers must present their NID/Passport/or other authorized documents to prove their identity documents provided by customers must truly match 100% with the detailed information in Woori Bank Account.
  • All prize must be redeemed within 30 (thirty) days from the date of winner announcement; otherwise, it will be deemed void. In this case, Woori Bank reserves the right to dispose the prize at its sole discretion and the customer shall have no right to dispute in whatever reasons.
  • Prize is not subject to exchangeable or transferrable at the time of receiving.
  • Woori Bank reserves the right to change the prizes, term, or terminate the promotion campaign at any time without prior notice.
  • Cash prizes will be credited to the customer’s account.

For more info: 023 963 333 / 081 331 333

* Terms and Conditions Apply

List of Winners​ For 2nd Month 

1PROM BUNREN127*****USDSmart Phone
2KHIT CHANTHOU217*****USDApple Watch
3POV NITA183*****USDApple Watch
4SOENG SARIT256*****KHRHead Phone
5SOK SREYTOUCH243*****USDHead Phone
6KIN PHALLY212*****USDCash 30$
7MIECH KOL255*****USDCash 30$
8KHIEV VICHHEKA243*****USDCash 30$
9SUY KIMSEA211*****KHRCash 30$
10SVAY PHALLY260*****USDCash 30$
11PHORN REACH237*****USDCash 20$
12ME SOKHOEUN244*****USDCash 20$
13SHOM ROMDUOL238*****KHRCash 20$
14NY PHEARUM259*****USDCash 20$
15TEP VICHET253*****KHRCash 20$
16OEURN SAM OL230*****KHRCash 10$
17POV SREYTOUCH254*****USDCash 10$
18KIT USAKPHEA222*****USDCash 10$
19HENG RAKSA239*****USDCash 10$
20RY YOU I229*****USDCash 10$
21NY MALY257*****USDCash 10$
22TUM LIDA258*****USDCash 10$
23Touch Chea208*****USDCash 10$
24MIEN SOKSAN223*****USDCash 10$
25SOUM SOKLEAP261*****USDCash 10$
26SENG BOTUM261*****USDCash 10$
27HOEM POV167*****USDCash 10$
28PHEAP KAKRONA202*****USDCash 10$
29BAI PHEARON250*****KHRCash 10$
30LANG SAKKADA261*****USDCash 10$
31YORN KIMHOY233*****KHRCash 10$
32SOAN SAL259*****KHRCash 10$
33KHOV KIMLIK252*****USDCash 10$
34TIM PEOU146*****USDCash 10$
36PRUM VEASNA260*****USDCash 10$
37NM DARAM138*****USDCash 10$
38VUTH VEASNA206*****USDCash 10$
39MAM SOPHAN260*****USDCash 10$
40TRAN THI BICH VAN260*****KHRCash 10$
41VY MOUM198*****USDCash 10$
42KHEAN SOKHIN261*****KHRCash 10$
44VIT SREYNANG258*****USDCash 10$
45UY KOU225*****USDCash 10$
46YIN SINA209*****KHRCash 10$
48MEAS MOM254*****USDCash 10$
49KEO VUNLEDA220*****KHRCash 10$
50SUN THIDA234*****USDCash 10$