Offer Monthly Cash Reward for Gas Station Merchants and Staff using WOORI Big KHQR Standee!

Offer many cash rewards to new and existing merchants displaying and received payment via WOORI Big KHQR Standee.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Transaction Conditions:
    • Having from 15 to 29 transactions with 10 different customers, will receive 5 USD or 20,000 Riels.
    • Having from 30 to 49 transactions with 15 different customers, will receive 10 USD or 40,000 Riels.
    • Having from 50 transactions up with 25 different customers, will receive 20 USD or 80,000 Riels.
  1. Eligible transaction counted must be from 2 USD or 8,000 Riels up per transaction (self-scanning is not included).
  2. Includes scans from other banks.
  3. Must maintain average daily balance in the saving account at least 1,000 USD or 4,000,000 Riels in (Hope Savings Account or Savings Account Plus or Quick Account) during this promotion.
  4. Gas station staffs will be automatically rewarded if gas station owner receives reward as following:
    • If the Owner get 5 USD or 20,000 Riels, the staff will get 5 USD or 20,000 Riels per each staff.
    • If the Owner get 10 USD or 40,000 Riels, the staff will get 10 USD or 40,000 Riels per each staff.
    • If the Owner get 20 USD or 80,000 Riels, the staff will get 10 USD or 40,000 Riels per each staff.
  1. Note: offer to a maximum of 3 staffs per gas station. The reward will be transferred directly to the gas station staff account directly through WOORI Bank account. One gas station owner and staff is entitled to get reward only once per month.
  2. The reward will be provided in the following month

Note: the number of monthly rewards could be changed depending on the number of eligibility until the total budget limit approved.

For more info: 023 963 333 / 081 331 333

Terms and Conditions Apply