Pay tuition fees through Woori Bank Mobile, get a $ 20 discount and chance to win up to $ 50 per month for making scan payment at KLC


  1. Pay school fee via Woori MB scan on KHQR get 20$ off

> Open new account (new customers) who registered special course.

> Use Woori Bank Mobile App to scan on WBC KHQR at KLC for school fee payment.

> Applicable for first New 10 student per month for 6 months only from Jan to June 2024

> Provide gift set for new account opening (Note Book, Pen & Eco bag)  until out of Stock.

> Terms and Conditions Apply

  1. Offers up to 50$ Lucky Draw per month

> Use WBC mobile App to scan on WBC KHQR at KLC for School Merchant (School Fee , Book, Studies material or Snack).

> Applicable for 15 prizes per month for 6 months only (one time per month).

  • 5 prizes of 10$ Cash Reward
  • Umbrella 3
  • Tote bag 7

> Min. 5$ per transaction will be eligible for lucky draw (More Scan, More chance)

> The announcement of monthly winners will take place during the next 2 weeks of the following month.

> Terms and Conditions Apply