"Empower Your Finances, Enrich Your Lifestyle: Woori Visa Credit Card - Where Every Swipe Unlocks a World of Possibilities!"

Key Benefits

  • Safe, Secure and Fast Cashless Payment
  • Buy your wanted item today and pay later up to 45 days with 0% interest
  • Reserve your cash for unplanned expenses
  • Cash advance from your credit limit for urgent needs
  • Easy payment for Online Purchase & Overseas Payment
  • Able to receive money from anywhere via VISA Direct
  • Receive a seasonal Welcome Gift and Annual Gift for Platinum Cardholder
  • Receive discount and benefit from partner shops nationwide and worldwide
  • Enjoy special promotion on many special occasions
  • Request up to 3 cards (1 Primary & 2 Supplementaries)
  • Able to select your Bill Statement Date: on every 14th or 28th of the month

Fee Charge

NoFee and LimitCredit Classic
1Credit Limit500 USD - 3,000 USD
2Annual Fee - Primary10 USD
3Annual Fee - Supplementary10 USD
4PIN re-issueFree
5Card Replacement - Fraud/Bank' faulty (Compromised)Free
6Card Replacement - Lost/Stolen/Damaged5 USD
7Card Replacement - Expired (Card Status Closed, Life phase Expired)Free
8Card Reissued - Damaged5 USD
9Card Reissued - Before Expired 1 MonthFree
10Incorrect Charge back fee10% of Dispute amount or Min 10 USD
11Interest for Cash Advance1.50%/Month
12Interest for Purchase1.50%/Month
13Minimum monthly repayment (MMR)20% or Min 20 USD
14Late payment fee5% of Minimum Amount or Min 10 USD
15Cash withdrawal via Woori Bank ATMFree
16Cash withdrawal via others Bank’s ATM/POS (Local & Overseas)1.99% or Min 5 USD
17Balance Inquiry via Woori Bank ATMFree
18Balance Inquiry via others Bank's ATM/POS0.40 USD
19Currency Conversion (Except KHR/USD)1.99%
20Captured by other Bank's ATM (Incorrect PIN or Expired Card)Free
21Transaction DeclineFree
22Cash Advance limit50% of Credit Limit
23Cash Withdrawal Limit5,000 USD
24Transfer​ Limit (WBC to WBC)1,000 USD
25Purchase limit (per day)3,000 USD
26Maximum cash withdrawal transactions10 Times
27Maximum purchase transactions10 Times