“Woori Customer’s Day”, Thanksgiving Day to all Woori Bank Customers!

Phnom Penh: September 21, 2022 is counted as “Woori Customer’s Day”, which is attended by CEO, Mr. Kim Hong Ju, all senior management and staff at 138 Woori bank branches throughout Woori Bank branches countrywide to welcome and serve customers directly. The “Woori Customer’s Day” of 2022 was celebrated for the first time after becoming a commercial bank since the early year. This event contains for three main purposes:

  1. To thank to all Woori Bank’s customers at all branches.
  2. To enhance the relationship between Woori Bank senior management with customers and branches’ staff by providing customer service directly to the customers at the 138 branches.
  3. To create a good experience and good feeling for Woori Bank customers at all branches, as well as showing that customer service is the responsibility of all staff, including top management.

From 8:00 am to 12:00pm, all customers who come to receive services at Woori Bank, such as opening a bank account, deposit, repayment, fund transfer and other services are invited as distinguished guests with an unprecedented extraordinary service.


Customers are provided such a gift/ snack or drink to welcome customers from Mr. CEO, senior management and branch managers. After that, there are small talk and chitchat with the customers, followed by a photo shooting and ending with highest care until customers finish banking services and leave the branch.

This program proves the care and gratitude of Woori Bank to customers for their support and trust in our financial services for almost 30 years of operating in Cambodia.

About Woori Bank

Woori Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Cambodia, operating through 138 branches nationwide, with experienced employees of more than 4,000; while progressively expanding its branch and ATM networks across the country. As of 30 June 2022, Woori Bank has achieved total assets of USD 1.3 Billion, loan portfolio of USD 1 Billion, deposit amount of USD 295 Million and more than 374,177 customers.